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The 6th World Congress on Biopolymers took place from September 7 to 9, 2017 in Paris, on the theme “Biopolymers as Ecofriendly Polymers”.

Michel Dana, new technologies platform manager at SILAB, hold a conference entitled “Cosmetics, a new field of application for the technology of interpenetrating networks of biopolymers (IBPN technology®)”.

This was an opportunity for SILAB to present the result of more than 5 years of research on the development of Interpenetrating BioPolymer Networks or IBPN technology®. Respecting the principles of naturality, this technological innovation has been designed and patented by SILAB. It allows to combine, in a single network, the biomechanical and film-forming properties of two natural polymers and is at the core of the development of FILMEXEL®.