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SILAB at the ESDR, European congress of dermatology

 Thursday 21 September 2017

SILAB attends the 47th annual ESDR (European Society for Dermatological Research) meeting, from September 27 to 30, 2017, held in Salzburg, Austria.

During this scientific congress devoted to the latest advances in dermatology, SILAB presents 3 scientific posters describing the research work conducted by the SILAB softcare department on compromised skin:

  • 1. A suitable data processing protocol: an essential step to investigate the molecular descriptors of atopic dermatitis from Raman spectra
    Poster No.149
  • 2. Design of an in vitro skin 3D model mimicking a disruption of the barrier function
    Poster No.132, session “Epidermal structure and function”, Friday, September 29, 11h30 - 12h25 (2nd floor, kiosk 1)
  • 3. Crosstalk between non-immune and dendritic cutaneous cells: new insights into inflammatory responses to S. aureus
    Poster No.410, session “Inflammation, immunity and infection: bacteria, viruses and antimicrobial peptides”, Friday, September 29, 14h35 - 15h30 (2nd floor, kiosk 11)