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Highlighting of two distinct cellular behaviors in skin from aged healthy volunteers

 Monday 12 March 2018

If data are available to discriminate people appearing younger than their age, no in vitro study focuses on the cellular evidence explaining these observations. We investigated, from molecular to functional level, primary human skin cells isolated from aged healthy volunteers to highlight if distinct in vitro cellular behaviors could be observed.

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SILAB research at the BIOKET international conference

 Friday 09 March 2018

SILAB attended the BIOKET international conference (BIOeconomy's Key Enabling Technologies), organized by IAR*, which took place from March 6 to 8 in Strasbourg. This event is dedicated to processes and innovative technologies applied to biomass and gathered experts to discuss about these topics.

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From the mastered sourcing of the Bulgarian rose to the “well aging” active

 Tuesday 16 January 2018

In a strategy of mastering nature, SILAB both authenticated the Bulgarian rose from the botanical to the genetic level and set up a supply chain traced to the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria.

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The molecular signature of atopic dermatitis decrypted in vivo

 Monday 28 August 2017

In partnership with Prof. Michel Manfait (MéDIAN UMR CNRS 7369 MEDyC - Univ. Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France), SILAB softcare advanced research focused on the in vivo characterization of atopic dermatitis. These studies have led to the publication of an article in the high impact factor journal, Experimental Dermatology.

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Mitochondria and their influence on the skin: a major research topic at SILAB

 Thursday 01 June 2017

Depending on their state of health, the mitochondria will affect the future outcome of cells and tissues. They are viewed as energy factories that enable cells to carry out their vital biological functions. They therefore dynamically adapt their size, shape and distribution within the cell. These organelles result from the equilibrium between the opposing processes of mitochondrial fission and fusion.

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