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Our core activity

Biological active substances

Independent company, SILAB creates, manufactures and sells to the Cosmetic Industry, efficiency-proved and conformed to international regulations active ingredients. With the most sophisticated research, development and industrial tools, SILAB launches several innovative products yearly:

  • standard active ingredients that form a comprehensive range of products covering all areas of modern cosmetology: skin care, sun care and hair care
  • ready-to-use products that meet the specific needs of our customers

Our values


World leader in the field of engineering natural active ingredients, SILAB draws its strength in its independence. Being self-sufficient on legal, financial and managerial levels, we assert a complete strategic freedom and the best service to our clients. SILAB's finest international asset? Our expertise backed by a worldwide distribution network and subsidiaries at the closest to our markets.


SILAB devotes to Research more than 20% of its annual sales and one third of its staff. It has on its disposal high-tech laboratories in which scientists develop great innovations. The skills of SILAB's people and sophisticated industrial tools work towards the manufacture of high-added value natural products.


Traceability, Control: from the raw material to the finished products, each step is rigorously mastered. From natural origin, our products come in the form of aqueous solutions. Eco-friendly, patented and easy to formulate, they respect the fundamental biologic laws.

Our organization

SILAB's reputation is based on excellence!
New expertise, cutting-edge technology, high-tech equipment and highly qualified staff continually raise the company's level of performance and contribute to the launch of innovative, natural products with high added value.


Constant innovation at the heart of our corporate strategy

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Provide the customer with quantity and quality

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Quality, the major element of our strategy

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A global approach dedicated to market specificities

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Our worldwide network

SILAB’s international development is based on an efficient partnership between its sales forces, with subsidiaries that are well established in key regional markets, and a network of independent companies which exclusively distribute its products in their respective countries.

United States


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South America

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South East Asia

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