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Controlled industrial culture of microorganisms



Based on its strong historic mastery of the plant kingdom, for the past 15 years, SILAB has been developing a unique biotechnology expertise for the production and optimal use of unicellular organisms, i.e. bacteria, yeasts or microalgae. Used as natural raw materials, these microorganisms offer an immense potential resulting from their diversity and their metabolism, providing access to unique molecules of interest in cosmetics.


SILAB has recently developed two highly original approaches:

1. Sampling microorganisms of interest in plant ecosystems

Plants are also host to microbiotas that are specific to their varied ecosystems (roots, leaves, flowers, etc.). These microorganisms interact with their host and participate in its protection, regeneration or reproduction. In partnership with the INRA (French national institute of agronomic research), SILAB conducts targeted sampling of these microbiotas in order to propose natural and innovative cosmetic active ingredients. In this way, we have developed ECOBIOTYS® an active ingredient bio-inspired by the regulating power of the microbiota of the nectar of flowers, the Nectarobiota®.


2. Culture controlled by bioguiding microorganisms

SILAB controls the parameters of culture of microorganisms, from the laboratory to the industrial scale and can therefore obtain optimal value from: the cell biomass produced by the use of the intrinsic and unique particularities of these strains of microorganisms; the secretome by using these microorganisms as “natural factories” to produce molecules of interest in controlled conditions. The most recent scientific innovation involves the identification of a highly adaptable probiotic strain that can survive in drastic conditions of drought (as desert climate). By reproducing the natural and nutritional environment of this strain, SILAB has developed LACTOBIOTYL® by bioguiding the production of postbiotic molecules that act on skin dryness.



SILAB pays careful attention to the origin of its raw materials, explaining why it decided to conduct the large-scale culture of these cells in-house. This strategy has given rise to the construction of a special production unit dedicated to biotechnologies for the control and the total guarantee of traceability, quality and reproducibility of its active ingredients. This unique, high-tech production unit is automated and compliant with ICPE regulations (Installation classified for protection of the environment). It ensures the total control of upscaling.


This expertise is at the origin of the development of innovative natural active ingredients that provide the skin with multiple cosmetic benefits.