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How to conduct an efficient job hunt?

In the context of uncertainty resulting from a once-in-a-century global health crisis, looking for a job could appear to be strewn with obstacles and there may be many aspects that sap the seeker’s motivation.
So what is the strategy to adopt to put all the chances on your side and optimize your search for a job? Let’s focus on the essential points for a logical and structured search for employment.

The first essential step is to define your professional goals in relation to your personality. This analysis will enable you to best target the companies and job offers suited to you.

To do this, try to answer the following questions: what are my assets, what cities attract me, what type of management, employment position and work schedule will please me? The answers to these questions will allow you to fit your applications to the companies that best fulfill your expectations. Do not hesitate to consult their Web site and subscribe to their pages on social networks.

LinkedIn, APEC (French Agency for the employment of managers), Pôle Emploi (employment center) etc., are among many sites that enable recruiters to find candidates seeking employment.

In order to increase your chances of being contacted, update your information as often as necessary: Resume/CV, skill set(s), availability, target geographic zone. Important note: pay attention to your voice mail message and your email address that should sound and look professional to recruiters.

While seeking employment, remain in contact with your network and continue to develop it. Your present or former school, the APEC, Pôle Emploi, the press and social networks are relevant sources of information on the current economic fabric and the needs of companies. This will enable you to target companies with respect to their needs.

When in-person events are possible, such as trade fairs, conferences and afterworks, they are occasions to cultivate your network. LinkedIn is also a good way to contact professionals.

Now that you have identified a company corresponding to you, it is the time to send an application. Whether the application to a company is unsolicited or in response to a job offer, it is important that is stands out from the crowd.

This is done by adapting your resume to the company or the position, and by paying special attention to your letter of motivation that must express your value to the company and your career plan. For candidates with the same profiles, it is often the letter of motivation that will determine if you are selected for an interview.

In addition to acquiring new skills and making profitable use of them in an interview, additional training is a non-negligible source of development when seeking employment. Tutorials or MOOC available on the Internet will enable you to enhance or acquire new knowledge or skills. And if you take the TOEIC test (Test Of English for International Communication) by profiting from your Personal training account?

Even if time and patience are the watchwords when seeking employment, stay positive and remember that this period will enlarge the scope of possibilities!

Lucille Cramier

Recruitment officer
With a Master's degree in HR, I support the company's development, in particular through the recruitment of future talent, whether they are interns, work-study students, juniors or experienced employees. Skills, values and the desire to progress are the main qualities required!