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MITOKINYL®, the interactive solution to harmful urban pollution

To combat pollution, a true enemy of the skin, SILAB is offering MITOKINYL®, an anti-pollution natural active ingredient rich in glucomannans and able to combat harmful environmental stress via a unique regulation pathway.

SILAB Research is the first laboratory to identify the central role of mitokines in an optimum anti-pollution strategy. Thanks to a sophisticated intracellular communication mechanism, these mediators, released by mitochondria under the effects of pollution, connect the skin to its environment and initiate an appropriate anti-stress response.

During a pollution attack, MITOKINYL®:

  • regulates the two major biological pathways of pollutant stress response: the synthesis of mitokines (prohibitines) is normalized and the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor is deactivated;
  • forms an efficient, stratified, functional barrier;
  • improves complexion tone and radiance in Caucasian and Asian volunteers.

MITOKINYL® protects fragile skin against urban stresses.

MITOKINYL® is easy-to-formulate with its water-soluble liquid form and recommended in all anti-pollution facial and body skincare products at a dosage level of 1-3%.

Rich in yeast glucomannans, obtained by biotechnology process, MITOKINYL® is patented, preservative-free and compliant with worldwide cosmetic regulations (Europe, USA, China and Japan).

Documentation accessible on the product page

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