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FILMEXEL®, the excellence of a natural, protective and lifting film

SILAB proposes FILMEXEL® to the worldwide cosmetic market, the most innovative and multifunctional natural film-forming active ingredient.

Designed from the IBPN technology®, a proprietary technology of interpenetrating biopolymer network, FILMEXEL® forms a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film on the skin, mimicking its properties and functions. FILMEXEL® is a natural biopolymer composed of galactomannans of Caesalpinia spinosa and sulfated galactans of Kappaphycus alvarezii, providing both outstanding biomechanical properties and superior film-forming capacities never obtained with a simple mixture of individual biopolymers.

FILMEXEL®, protective effect

Thanks to its dense meshwork, it acts as a natural barrier against harmful exogenous agents (particulate matter, allergens, irritants).

Physical barrier efficacy

FILMEXEL®, lifting benefit

Its tensor effect is instantly visible, and its smoothing and anti-wrinkle efficacy is proven in various formulas, at different doses.

Tensor efficacy

FILMEXEL®, perceptible efficacy

A more radiant complexion and a more attractive face are visible from the first applications. Incorporated into a foundation, it prolongs its wear and creates a genuine lifting sensation.
The multifunctional nature of FILMEXEL® has also been confirmed by the results of two consumer tests conducted in Europe and Asia.
FILMEXEL® acts as a genuine beauty booster by improving the attractiveness of the faces of young subjects and the wrinkled appearance of mature skin. FILMEXEL® stands out as a universal skin care.

Sensorial efficacy

With its second-skin and anti-aging benefits, FILMEXEL® is recommended for all face and body care, and make-up products.

Additional information

  • INCI name: Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract & Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract
  • preservative-free powder, soluble in water, 100% active
  • recommended amount: 0.05 - 1%
  • compliant with Europe, USA, Japan and China cosmetic regulations

Documentation and video accessible on the product page

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