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The stretching program to restore the skin's firmness and resilience

COHELISS® is a firming and anti-gravity active ingredient specifically developed by SILAB to stimulate the mechanical and biological functions of the skin cells in response to mechanical stress in order to restore the natural stretching effect.

Indeed, with age, the skin becomes slack and loses its tone. The study of tissue mechanics has highlighted the active role of the dermis, and of the fibroblasts in particular, in regulating the skin's natural elastic properties.

Composed of arabinoxylans obtained from rye seed (INCI name: Secale cereale Seed Extract), the molecules responsible for the plant's cohesion and natural mechanical properties, COHELISS® is a biomimetic active ingredient that improves the mechanical resistance of the dermis. At the level of cells, it stimulates the mechanobiology, a central process for maintaining skin firmness, through its three main components: the mechanosensation, the mechanotransduction and the mechanoresponse.

Tested on volunteers, COHELISS® tightens the fibrous network and gives the skin resilience and tone. Recommended in anti-aging skin care, COHELISS® limits the gravitation folds and expression lines that emerge over time.

COHELISS® is easy to formulate (recommended amount in preservative-free powder: 0.05 to 1%) and compliant with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan and China).

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