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OXYGESKIN® reactivates the skin's oxygenation mechanisms

The oxygenation of cells and tissues is affected by age or digital pollution (blue light). The skin is suffocated on the surface. Deep down, the cellular metabolism declines. The complexion grows dull and the skin’s grain irregular.

As of 2010, SILAB presented OXYGESKIN®, a natural active ingredient derived from the nasturtium flower, able to overcome the lack of oxygen in the skin occurring during the aging process. In the era of digital overconsumption, SILAB brings today new efficacy data on OXYGESKIN®, demonstrating its action at the skin level against the damages induced by blue light.

In conditions of chronological aging or digital pollution, OXYGESKIN® thus restores the skin’s adaptive capacity to overcome the hypoxic stress by boosting the HIF-1α oxygen sensor. In an ultraconnected environment, OXYGESKIN® also limits the appearance of free radicals and damage to the matrix caused by repeated exposure to digital pollution.

Clinically tested on Caucasian and Asian skin, OXYGESKIN®:

  • strengthens the barrier function;
  • smooths the skin relief;
  • improves the skin’s quality and radiance.

OXYGESKIN® is a patented active ingredient available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1 to 3%) and compliant with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China).

Documentation accessible on the product page

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