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Skin care > Anti-wrinkle > SENEVISIUM®


The anti-senescence ally to defy the signs of time

  • Skin Care
  • Anti-wrinkle

SENEVISIUM® is an anti-senescence active ingredient rich in cyclitols derived from Ginkgo biloba, a supercentenarian tree with remarkable longevity. By circumventing the deleterious immunoevasion strategies put in place by senescent fibroblasts with age, SENEVISIUM® reactivates their natural elimination by the immune system and preserves matrix synthesis and epidermal renewal. The skin thus recovers its density and elasticity for an anti-wrinkle and radiance-boosting action. Tested in Caucasian volunteers, SENEVISIUM® is recommended in all skin care products for mature skin.

  • I.N.C.I. Name

    Water & Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

  • raw material

    Ginkgo biloba

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  • Active molecule