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Skin care > Tensor / Smoothing > INSTENSYL®


3D Express Lifting

  • Skin Care
  • Tensor / Smoothing

Created from a new sugar reticulation technology, the 3D molecular network of INSTENSYL® performs by anchoring and spreading itself at the skin surface to form a viscoelastic film, within a fast timeframe. Stable and articulated, this glucan biopolymer (Manihot esculenta) immediately provokes lifting and smoothing effects with ­demonstrated sensorial properties. INSTENSYL® is to be used in all face and body care, in all kind of formulas.

  • I.N.C.I. Name

    Hydrolyzed Manihot esculenta Tuber Extract

  • raw material


  • Keyword

    Instantaneous tensor

  • Active molecule

    Glucan biopolymer