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At SILAB, 100% of our active ingredients are produced at our single site in Saint-Viance. Each day, a highly skilled and qualified technician team receiving ongoing training and sophisticated industrial technology contribute to the production of aqueous solutions, water-soluble powders, and dry films with high added value.

Employing 1/3 of our workforce, the industrial department is composed of 3 independent production units covering a surface area of more than 4,000 m².

Biotechnology production unit

In addition to its historic mastery of the plant kingdom, SILAB has invested in its own biotechnology production unit. Composed of two homothetic workshops for small and large volumes, this unit is dedicated to the industrial cultivation of unicellular organisms (yeasts, microalgae, and bacteria), which are then used as natural raw materials for the manufacturing of cosmetic active ingredients.

Production unit for active ingredients in liquid form

Whether they are of plant origin or derived from biotechnologies, SILAB active ingredients are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines in three homothetic workshops. With its GMP-compliant cosmetic industry manufacturing processes, SILAB has the means to achieve efficient industrialization while guaranteeing the high quality of its products.

  • UP1: a flexible and versatile unit allowing low-volume batches
  • UP2: an automated unit (10,000 liters) allowing high-volume batches
  • UP3: a unit combining automation and flexibility

Production unit for active ingredients in powder form

The spray drying powder production unit is designed for automated and reproducible batch production, complying with pharmaceutical industry GMP criteria.

Cutting-edge industrial technologies for a complete and diversified offer

Film production unit

To support the development of its SILAFILM® range, SILAB has built a 250 m² production unit that can be qualified to GMP cosmetics standards. Production takes place in a controlled-atmosphere zone, and meets strict bacteriological standards.