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FILMEXEL®: new efficacy data for the hair care market

First launched in 2016 for the skin care market, FILMEXEL® has proven to be an outstanding natural film-forming ingredient, providing protective, lifting and immediately perceptible effects to the skin.

It was designed using the patented IBPN Technology®, resulting in an interpenetrating network of two natural polysaccharides derived from plant starting materials with traceable sourcing: galactomannans of Caesalpinia spinosa and sulfated galactans of Kappaphycus alvarezii.

Today, SILAB targets the hair care market and brings additional ex vivo efficacy data demonstrating the significant effect of FILMEXEL® on shine and protection of hair.

Indeed, a first test highlights the capacity of FILMEXEL® at 0.5% to restore the shine of hair (+24.0%), after repeated aggression by shampoo and use of a hair straightener.

The protective action of FILMEXEL® on hair fibers is confirmed in conditions of damage caused by bleaching treatment or urban pollution. In this latter case, FILMEXEL® at 0.5% significantly limits the adhesion of particulate matter on both Caucasian and Asian hair.

Remember, FILMEXEL® is a preservative-free powder, easy to formulate which complies with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, USA, Japan, China and more).

With these new efficacy data, SILAB confirms that FILMEXEL® is a universal solution with multiple applications both in skin and hair care.

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