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Raising employees’ awareness about sedentary lifestyles

SILAB's health team organized an animation on the theme of mobility by raising staff awareness of alternative transportation, in particular electric bikes, in order to fight against sedentary lifestyle.

Taking advantage of the home-to-work commute to practice some physical activity by walking to a bus stop, running or cycling: this is the message that the SILAB’s health team aimed to convey through this special animation.

They offered employees the opportunity to try out electric bikes, lent by a local company, during a lunch break. It was also the occasion to invite a member of the Brive conurbation committee to co-host the event and to provide information on the use of this kind of transportation to interested SILAB employees.

Regularly, awareness campaigns of this type are organized, on the one hand, to encourage physical exercise and, on the other hand, to contribute to the use of more environmentally responsible means of transportation: a double benefit!

In this context, last June, SILAB staff had the opportunity to take part in the "mobility challenge" organized by the Brive conurbation committee. The objective of this operation was to promote the use of alternative transportation in the broadest sense of the word: carsharing, public transportation, cycling, electric scooter, running, etc. During this special week, more than 550 kilometers were traveled in a sustainable way by employees!

To support these initiatives combining health and ecology, SILAB pays allowances to users of sustainable means of transportation from the 1st kilometer traveled. Among the program's beneficiaries, 17 employees were biking to work in 2021.

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